Hallelujah – Nba Youngboy lyrics

Hallelujah – Nba Youngboy lyrics

Lyrics Nba Youngboy – Hallelujah

Show ’em I’m smart society gon’ try and take it
I play my part to override what I’m facing
Preach to them yungins hold yo own you gon’ make it
True to yourself, you make a promise don’t break it.

I’m like amen, hallelujah
I keep it moving, niggas say they wanna do me
I upgraded all my shooters
I’m like amen, hallelujah
B*tch you know this movie, nigga say he keep his toolie
I’m like b*tch you better use it.

Back to back taking them percocets
Hi-Tec it take away all the stress
A nigga like me you ain’t never met.

Sippin’ that lean it give me a rush
Stack up that money you know it’s a must
I am a Zo, in Kodak I trust
Think fore you speak or you’ll get yo head bust
Straight out the mud I come from the dust
Try to take some then you out of luck
I’m never slippin’
They talkin’ that s**t but I don’t give a f*ck.